Case Study:

Community Waste Education Program Gosford City Council and SITA Environmental Solutions


SITA Environmental Solutions provides a comprehensive domestic waste management service to the residents of Gosford City . The three-bin recycling and waste service includes a 240L garden organics bin, a 204L commingled recycling bin and a 120L general waste bin. Whilst residents of Gosford are largely using the system well, SITA and Gosford City Council identified that contamination of recycling and garden organics continued to be an issue that had to be addressed. They commissioned SD Environmental Management to design and deliver a community awareness-raising program.

SD Environmental Management was initially engaged to design a five-month punchy media campaign to educate residents of Gosford City about the waste and recycling system whilst at the same time reflecting Gosford City's approach to its unique environment, e.g. sustainability, protection of bushland/open space environment, revitalizing the region, clean beaches/waterways etc. The campaign was to be 'innovative', 'fresh', 'clean' and 'modern' with a strong community feel e.g by thinking about recycling you are contributing to your city and to the environment. The 'feel' of the campaign was to be friendly and educational. The content style should be 'short' and 'punchy' rather than verbose. It should emphasise the importance of waste avoidance to the overall wellbeing of the community. Gosford City Council also requested that a 'catchy' jingle be used to introduce the radio ads.

In response to this brief, SD Environmental Management developed a campaign theme "Let's Get it Sorted" and media campaign which included six full-page, full-colour press ads focused on information sharing and reduction of contamination, as well as six different radio ads, all introduced by a jingle reflecting the environmental values of the community. A large display was also developed for use at Council's libraries and admin buildings, and in shopping centres. A recommendation has been forwarded to Council to develop a more comprehensive and sustainable education and communication program for 2004-2008.

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Let's Get It Sorted Radio Advertisement #1
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Let's Get It Sorted Radio Advertisement #2
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