Case Study:

Sustainability Advantage
Sydney Manufacturers Cluster, NSW
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage


SD Environmental Management was engaged to develop and deliver the Environmental Risk & Responsibility (ERR) module to businesses in the Sydney Manufacturers. Businesses included:

  • Otis Elevators
  • Dematic Australia
  • Thales
  • Weir Minerals Australia

The key aim of the 6-hour training course is to increase general environmental awareness among staff and management of businesses in this cluster. The course includes an overview of environmental legislation in NSW, hazard identification and risk management processes, development of a risk assessment framework and an introduction to Environmental Management Systems. SD Environmental Management aligned the course to the needs of each business, while maintaining the overall NSW Office of Environment and Heritage objectives for the program, which are to ensure participants:

  • Gain an understanding of their personal and corporate responsibilities for environmental management
  • Obtain an understanding of NSW environmental legislation and relevant prosecutions under the legislation
  • Are able to identify and assess environmental hazards and risks within their operations
  • Integrate environmental management and/or environmental assessment with health and safety (or other systems) where feasible
  • Obtain an understanding of environmental management systems

The course provided an overview of the POEO Act and highlighted case studies of relevant offences committed under the Act. It provided an overview of environmental hazards and risks relevant to each organisation and assisted participants to develop or refine existing environmental risk assessment matrices and inspection checklists. A number of activities were included in the session and participants were provided with assistance during the course to identify environmental hazards and undertake risk assessments. Further assistance was provided to companies where required to finalise risk registers and undertake site risk assessments or begin the process of developing an EMS.