Case Study:

Sustainability Advantage
Business Treading Lightly Cluster, Wollongong NSW
NSW Office of Environment and Heritage


Business Treading Lightly (BTL) manages the Wollongong cluster of companies involved in the Sustainability Advantage Program. Companies range from clubs and hotels through to manufacturing, law firms, superannuation providers and shopping centres. Many of the companies in this cluster signed on for the Staff Engagement module, which SD Environmental was engaged to deliver.

The key aim of the training course was to assist businesses to develop staff engagement strategies so they could effectively involve staff in sustainability initiatives and empower staff to develop their own personal and corporate sustainability programs. SD Environmental Management aligned the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage’s course to the needs of each business, while maintaining the overall NSW Office of Environment and Heritage objectives for the program, which are to ensure participants:

  • Gain an understanding of sustainability
  • Learn about personal and corporate behaviour change and the barriers to change
  • Are made aware of relevant industry case studies around staff engagement and sustainability outcomes
  • Are provided with advice and assistance for developing a staff engagement strategy

SD Environmental Management has delivered Staff Engagement training to the following businesses in the BTL cluster:

  • Novotel Northbeach Wollongong
  • City Diggers
  • Mittagong RSL
  • Steelers Club
  • Kells Lawyers
  • RMB Lawyers
  • Pillar Administration
  • Martifer (Sassal Aluminium)

The course provided an overview of sustainability, challenged participants to undertake personal eco-footprint calculations (and make personal change), and outlined staff engagement ideas, case studies and tools. A number of activities were included in the session and participants were provided with assistance during the course to develop a draft engagement strategy. Further assistance was provided to companies where required to finalise and implement the strategies

Participant Comments

"Great information and a good motivator for me to continue and increase involvement"

"Well delivered, thanks"

"I feel motivated"

" I enjoyed the discussion and interaction amongst participants"
"This type of staff engagement workshop is going to be good for the manufacturing/production side of the business and will help increase productivity"
"We are now more aware of sustainability and have a greater understanding of how we can alter business/personal acts to improve our footprint"
"The course provided for sharing of ideas through use of simple language - the trainer is a very good communicator"