Case Study:

Stormwater Industry Training and Education Program Bourke Shire Council


Bourke Shire Council was successful in obtaining grant funding for the purpose of identifying and reducing industrial pollutants that are potentially contaminating the Darling River.

Incorporated within the SITE Program (Stormwater Industry Training and Education) were the voluntary environmental assessment of industries and the provision of environmental training for owners and employees of these businesses.

Our team undertook environmental assessments of twenty one (21) premises, including Council's Depot and associated sites. The aim of the audits was to raise Council and industry awareness and understanding of stormwater pollution, and to provide the 'industrial business' community with practical skills and alternatives to reduce the impact of stormwater pollution on the Darling River and surrounding floodplains.

Our team worked closely with the local SITE Project Co-ordinator to establish a good rapport with businesses and ensure they understood the educative nature of the site assessments. A comprehensive letter was sent to each business assessed, outlining the issues (with photographs) and recommendations for cleaner work practices.

Participant Comments

The course covered all aspects of pollution and was great."

"Thank you very much for your time. Well done."

"The course was very helpful."

"A very worthwhile course."

"SD Environmental Management provided a simple but well structured approach. They were thorough in their delivery of services and presented a well-qualified image. The company has a clear set of community and environmental values, which sit well with my values. I found both Katrina and Sonja very approachable and open to discussion about process and improvements."
Phoebe Mouralis, Project Manager Cicero Design