Case Study:

Stormwater Management and Training Program
for Local Government Officers
Armidale Dumaresq City Council


Armidale Dumaresq City Council required a consultancy to develop a program to raise the capacity of council staff to design and implement more sustainable stormwater management practices.

To meet its needs for implementing change in the way stormwater is managed, a move away from traditional training and education approaches was required. Capacity Building unlike most training provides a process by which individuals, groups, organisations, institutions and societies increase their abilities to perform core functions, solve problems, and define and achieve objectives.

pictureOur team initially met with senior managers within council to discuss the key issues of concern relating to council's approach to work practices with the potential to impact on the local stormwater system. As a result of discussions, SD Environmental Management developed targeted stormwater management training courses for council managers and outdoor staff. The aim of the course for outdoor staff was to assist participants increase their knowledge of stormwater issues and legislation and to identify barriers to cleaner work practices within their areas of responsibility.

Managers were also trained in stormwater legislative requirements and looked more specifically at operational systems to prevent stormwater pollution from work practices. They too identified barriers to better work practices.

The outcomes of the two training workshops were then assessed and a planning workshop held with a mix of indoor and outdoor staff to develop solutions to barriers (real and perceived). The program was successful in helping council move towards a more inclusive and integrated approach to developing work method statements and reducing pollution risks from council work practices.

Participant Comments

"A very well run course - thank you!"

"The course was well organised and the presenter was excellent."

"It has focused my efforts on what I have been employed to do, and given me confidence that I will be able to do it."

"Sonja and Phil are the most receptive facilitators I have ever worked with."