Case Study:

Sustainable Schools New South Wales Website Update
and Teacher Training Workshop Review
Sustainable Schools New South Wales


Sustainable Schools New South Wales is a government funded education resource to assist schools in developing and implementing environmental management plans. As part of rolling out their website, and online tools for schools, SSNW conducted a series of training workshops for teachers and school professionals over the last year. As part of continuous improvement, SNSW engaged SD Environmental Management to perform an independent review of the Teacher Training Workshops, and the training guides with recommendations to ensure the next series of training for teachers is additive and targeted correctly.

SD Environmental initiated the teacher training workshop review by first interviewing the trainers/facilitators and soliciting their feedback and suggestions for improvements. This anecdotal data was summarised for the report.

Workshop participants were asked to complete an evaluation report at the end of each session. These surveys asked demographic data, scored the training modules effectiveness as well as the workshops in general. The evaluations also asked the participants to score the sessions against six professional teaching standards, and make recommendations for further activities. Four hundred and ninety five evaluations from forty one training sessions were reviewed. These evaluation sheets were read, their data tabulated and where appropriate, charted. The data and graphs show the main attendees, what schools were represented, how the trainees heard about the sessions, where the workshops were successful and suggestions for improvement. These results were also summarised and presented in the report.

The workshop and website training material was also reviewed and expanded to include the updates, new resources and tools on the website. SD Environmental created learning guides from this material that can be posted on the SSNSW website for self directed tutorials as well as for use in workshops.


The SSNSW team have a complete and independent review of the teacher training workshops based on data and feedback from both the facilitators and the attendees. In addition new learning guides have been created for use as online self directed tutorials or future training sessions.