Case Study:

Local Government Industry Assessment and Education
Programs Planning Package
Programs Planning Package


The NSW Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water (formerly NSW Environment Protection Authority) required a consultancy to develop a planning package to help build the capacity of local councils to undertake environmental assessment (auditing) and education of local business and industries. The package was to build on existing information developed for local councils.

pictureSD Environmental Management began this project by conducting a survey of councils across NSW to review the current approach and attitudes to industry assessment. The aim of the survey was to determine what was required by councils to conduct successful industry assessment programs.

The results of the survey indicated that there was a need for more easily accessible resources and for further assistance in developing programs for specific industry sectors and issues. As a result, our team developed a web-based toolkit (accessible through the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage website). This covered all areas of planning and conducting an industry assessment program, and included links to other resources and to a virtual environmental assessment on four key industry sectors. This is a useful tool for council officers as it highlights issues to look out for when conducting an assessment, and offers alternative options.


Participant Comments

"I think the flash presentations have come up well. They've got a good feel and are a good tutorial to get a new comer started - or re-train an old-timer such as myself."
Neale Farmer,
Catchment Management Officer Lake Macquarie City Council

"The Flash presentation looks good. My colleagues at Fairfield think it is a great tool. Well done!"
Adriana Genova,
Environmental Officer
Fairfield City Council