Case Study:

Clean Up Australia Day
(Lake Macquarie and Newcastle)
Lake Macquarie City Council, Newcastle City Council


Every year on the first Sunday in March hundreds of Australians meet at official Clean up Australia Day sites to remove rubbish from our parklands, beaches, waterways and roadsides. The clients required a consultancy to organise the event on a local scale, to meet specific objectives and event specifications, and to use resources in a timely and cost effective manner to facilitate widespread community involvement in the event.

SD Environmental Management has successfully organised Clean up Australia Day for Newcastle City Council and Lake Macquarie City Council in 2002, 2003 and 2004. Our team initially liaises with key stakeholders to help establish the project framework, milestones and timeframes and identify opportunities for community involvement in the Clean up Australia events. Local environmental, community, and school groups are recruited. An information night for the site supervisors is held and they are kept up to date on new and relevant information leading up to CUA Day.

Our team arranges media advertising and editorial in the local print, TV and radio media. A local launch is held which is attended by Clean Up Founder Ian Kiernan, local media and sponsors. The local Clean Up Ambassador is MC for the event (in 2004 former Knights Captain Paul Harragon was the Clean Up Ambassador for Lake Macquarie and Newcastle ).

SD Environmental Management continues to make this a successful event, meeting the objectives:

  • To provide a rewarding and educational day, involving community groups, schools and family groups;
  • To remove accumulated garbage;
  • To encourage a sense of ownership of the local environment in the community;
  • To promote and enhance the image of Lake Macquarie and Newcastle as being environmentally conscious and active.

Participant Comments

"Many thanks for a beautifully managed event. The overall co-ordination of the event was fantastic. It is always a pleasure and a highlight to work with the SD Environmental team."
John Greenhalgh, LandCare and Clean Up Australia Day Volunteer, Lake Macquarie

"As usual great support from the Hotline team and LMCC. Poor response from community but none the less a successful exercise. Less garbage than last year...the message is getting through".
James Knowles, Catherine Hill Bay Progress Association